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Service Companies

Anette und Stefan Paffrath, Psychotherapists, Düsseldorf-Bilk (Germany)
 [] These sites are an example, in which way a bigger quantity of content can be published in the web. The psychotherapists Anette and Stefan Paffrath got in contact with a lot of new clients, who found them in the web. Congratulations to the Paffraths.
Dr. Michael Stehmann, Attorney at Langenfeld
 [] Attorney Dr. Michael Stehmann, Langenfeld (Germany)


"Scheherasade", a website about a Bellydanca Book (german)
 [] Jean Pütz does a documentary about bellydance in the famous TV-series "hobbythek" and Anette Paffrath writes the book, coauthored by Pina Colluccia. The webpages show details of the book and give some background information about the book. Additional links for schools providing lessons and workshops in belly dance and shops for costumes and assecoires are also provided.
"Six Open", Open-Air Concerts, Düsseldorf (Germany)
 [] Seen in the context of our normal work, the sites of the former Open Air Concerts "Six Open" are rather "cool": Designed like a stage with flashing and moving components. Nevertheless, they are written in valid HTML and CSS. The content is readable under any equipment. Due to the loss of the main sponsor the concerts are not taking place anymore. The sites won´t be actualised.
Maria Ballarena, Soprano, Donostia - San Sebastián (Spain)
 [] Maria Ballarena, a young soprano from San Sebastián, studied at Bayonne (France). On her multilingual websites she offers some soundfiles for download as examples.


Hotel Müller, Kyllburg/Eifel (Germany)
 [] Hotel Müller in Kyllburg in the middle of the wunderful Eifel mountains is an optimal Base for all activities in the Eifel. Hiking, Motorriding, Fishing, etc. Bikers and Golfplayers are welcome! On their websites Hotel Müller is offering lots of informations about Kyllburg and the Eifel.
Hotel "Westfälischer Hof" Düsseldorf-Bilk (Germany)
 [] A nice Hotel at Düsseldorf-Bilk with a kindly and individual service.
Pub "Philipp", Hommingberg
 [] End of 2002 the Pub "Philipp" opened in Hommingberg. It is styled like a "rheinish" brewery, offering miscallenious drinks, including the famous Düsseldorf "Alt-Bier". We repaired the website, which was designed with "highest precision". It was hosted at a very cheep server, waiting for visitors.
Pizzeria da Paolo at Hommingberg (Germany)
 [] Paolo Ciseri plies Hommingbergs one and only pizzeria, which offers pizza made from wholemeal. Best pizza in town! He even offers wholemeal noodles in biological quality.
Tavern "Roter Ochs" Forchheim (Germany)
A wunderful tavern in the county of Forchheim (Bavaria). Owner Konni Scheller is writing and maintaining the sites by himself. We counseled him. Due to the excellent meals the work became to be a pleasure.


A data base with search functions for psychotherapists (german)
 [] In collaboration with psychotherapists Anette and Stefan Paffrath and the "Arbeitskreis Psychotherapie Düsseldorf e.V." we developed a data base with informations about psychotherapists.
Düssel-Ducks, fans of the Citroen 2CV at Düsseldorf
 [] This is a group of funny guys. Their hobby is driving, repairing and maintenance of the "Ducks". On their pages they are telling stories about their Citroen 2CVs and their journies to national and international "Duck-Meetings". The sites are very amusing and full of wunderful pictures.
"Evora" Samba Latin Band from Düsseldorf-Bilk
 [] Evora is a specialist for the celebration of the never ending carneval south american style.

Our own projects

Real Estates (Houses and Plots) in Pilion (Greece) for sale
 [] Real estates, houses and plots at Pilion in Greece are for sale. The sites, translated in four languages - with gallery - are informing about further details.
bilkinfo, the guide about Düsseldorf-Bilk
 [] This guide about Düsseldorf-Bilk is our favourite project. We tried to add a local network to the global one. Some hundred websites in or about Bilk are linked here.
Gemüsekiste, Trader for organic food, Düsseldorf-Bilk
 [] With these sites the activities of woodshed productions began by the end of 1999. The website are offering a lot of informations about Organic Food., a satire
A nice project. ;-) Please use textbrowser to visit theses pages. The satire points on "webdesigners" with their "optimization". If your first impression of these site is a little bit... well... strange: In this case it´s our intention. The abbreviation "dasr" means de.alt.sysadmin.recovery, a newsgroup.