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Whenever others are better...

..they should do the job. We are not as ambitious to fill our basement with powerful servers and expensive leased lines.

We love it to organize everything you need in and around your publications in the web. We don´t lay claim to be the best in everything.

The best websites are useless, when they are hosted by the cheepest availiable webhoster. For you it is important, that your visitors will find your message anytime within few seconds. Sites at webhosters with a 0.99 cent tarif often can´t guarantee this service. The careful selection of the webhoster is as important as the careful authoring of your sites.

We offer you webhosting on a fast, failsafe and safe server. That´s the right place for your websites.

Whenever necessary, we would like to get you in touch with specialists for graphics, data bases etc. We will work together with them to write your websites.