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You have your own websites, made by yourself or an "agency"? The result donīt satisfies you? The number of visitors is very low or you get to few feedback?

There might be several reasons:

  • Sometimes only some trifles are avoiding a universal usability or parsing by search engine robots.
  • Often "multimedia" sites are requiring an user equipment, which isnīt available at the majority of the users. The important rule: Reduce to the max!
  • Again and again "webdesigner" are including unnecessarily technical constructs to the sites: navigations basing on JavaScript, your content hidden in complicated graphics, the accesibility avoided by "flash intros" etc., etc. Such sites are looking really smart and fine. But: Important groups of visitors are locked out. I.e. the search engines.
  • Often the well-known "Your homepage clickable within five Minutes"-programs are generating unusable HTML-Code.

Whenever you suppose there might be something wrong with your sites, donīt hesitate to contact us! We will analyse the sites.


Or just ask the "validator", a service of the WWW-consortium. If you put in your URL, the validator will analyse it and shows a list of errors.