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Publishing in the web... neither difficult nor expensive. When we are writing your sites, you are invited to sit beside and learn the way to do it. Then you will be able to expand or actualize your sites by yourself. HTML is neither difficult to learn, nor secret. HTML is not a programming language! Itīs a markup language. Thatīs all. Everyone is able to write HTML in a simple text editor by himself.

Whenever itīs possible, we avoid any "multimedia features". They make sense seldomly, in most cases they are disturbing your visitors and they are more expensive than necessary.


We write simple, valide XHTML and CSS with universal accesability. Your visitors donīt need new computers or other hardware to read your publications. There is no need to accept or download anything, no need to close unwanted popup windows, no need for all that rubbish.


We are working in conformity with the recommendations of the international WWW-consortium. Proprietary "standards" of companies (i.e. browser features) are not interesting for you, your visitors and us, as long as they are not part of the official standards.